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About us



Buzztag is a promotional marketing agency focused on creating passion for your brand. We thrive on being destinctive, thoughtful and personal, while providing the ideas and creativity needed to make your company stand out in a crowded world. 








Meet Us

Your brand is your story and we’re here to help you tell it. At Buzztag, we shoot beyond competitive clutter and stale ideas, straight to “We never thought of that!” If you hear the term “promotional product” and think of a boring logoed pen or travel mug, it tells us one thing:


You haven’t experienced the passion and creativity of Buzztag.


We do things differently around here. Challenges don’t scare us. We enjoy forging new paths. Standing out is a good thing in our book. Above all, evolving the connection between your people and your brand is where we shine.


We want every recipient of your branded awesomeness to say, “I love this!”


From quotation to product delivery, we are sticklers for details. We’re all about hitting deadlines, removing unwanted stress from your life, and maintaining perfect alignment with your brand goals. “Winging it” never crosses our mind.


Whether you need unforgettable corporate gifts, promotional products that get used every single day or an online company store that’s bookmarked over and over again, we are ready to pour our heart and soul into your next project.



Let’s brainstorm… we love it when you pick our brain! Call (541.318.7081) or email us today to get started.



Brenda Speirs  ::  Queen Bee

Brenda Speirs is the Queen Bee at Buzztag, a boutique corporate gift and brand merchandising agency with big-firm capabilities. Most days you’ll find her searching tirelessly for standout promotional products that tell her clients’ brand stories. With 20 years of experience in management, business development and marketing, Brenda understands what it takes to make people feel good about your brand. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking to shake things up or a one-person shop trying to make a dent in the universe, Brenda provides creative solutions and promotional marketing strategies that will leave your audience saying, “I love this.”

A perennial optimist, Brenda sees the world as a place where greatness is always possible and life, like good food, is to be thoroughly enjoyed. She looks forward to connecting with you.    Email her here


Jarrett Barbuto  ::  Marketing Director

Jarrett Barbuto is the Buzz Boy at Buzztag, creating all sorts of buzz on the interwebs and within the community. He works to create a regular presence on social media, establishing the brand voice and maintaining customer relationships. The Buzz Boy also manages marketing campaigns and general outreach to new clients, establishing a contagious buzz with everyone he meets. 

Jarrett's background in communications in the outdoor recreation industry has proven to be a valuable asset to his role here at the Buzztag Hive. Email him here






Anna Jacobs  ::  Inside Sales Coordinator

Anna Jacobs is the Princess Bee at Buzztag, managing inside sales, corporate store sites, and client relations. Keeping the daily buzz moving, Anna spends her time actively seeking creative solutions for each unique client.  With her eye for design and style, she is sure to find the latest, most innovative products that eloquently communicate brand and vision.

With a depth of customer service experience and an innate sense of organization, Anna ensures every project will be a fun, simple and stress-free experience. Email her here




Kimberly Hammons  ::  Accounting Specialist

Kimberly Hammons holds the Honey Bee position within The Hive, as the administrator for all matters accounts payable and receivable. As if this position didn't keep her busy enough, she also handles the shipping and fulfillment process for company store sites, as well as inventory management. 

Her history as an office manager, paired with 10+ years of experience as a bookkepper have set her up to be a very comprehensive, skilled member of the Buzztag team, managing the honey and much much more. Email her here